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Tinting Your Car Windows is Easy and Hassle-free.

There are many benefits that come along with tinting your car windows, but many drivers opt out of such services with the notion that window tinting is too expensive, it’s too difficult, or it’s too inconvenient. We at Auto Glass Experts keep our window tinting services in Lafayette, IN easy and hassle-free, allowing window tinting to be an option for all area drivers.

How We Apply Window Tint.

  1. 1

    Choosing the Tints

    The first step in your window tinting process is choosing the right tints for your auto glass. Our Lafayette, IN professionals will work with you to ensure the best fit has been chosen for your need, and we’ll begin the process by thoroughly cleaning the outside of your windows.

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    Cutting and Shrinking

    After the tint has been chosen and the windows completely cleaned, we’ll begin cutting the tint to fit your Lafayette, IN vehicle windows. This ensures a perfect custom fit regardless of your windows or your vehicle. After the cuts have been made, a shrinking process will be done to get rid of the excess.

  3. 3

    Cleaning, Perfecting, and De-bubbling

    We will clean the inside of your windows, and then begin placing the tint on the auto glass surface. After the tint is placed, our Lafayette, IN professionals will squeegee the windows to ensure that no bubbles are present between the tint and the surface of your auto glass.

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Why You Should Tint Your Windows with Auto Glass Experts

Affordable Pricing

We keep pricing affordable for all of our Lafayette, IN auto glass services at Auto Glass Experts. For many, there is a belief that window tinting is an unaffordable thing not necessary to uphold the life of their vehicle, but we prove both of these theories wrong with our expert window tinting services.

Saves You Time

We carry out all of our window tinting services in a timeframe that is convenient for you. You get professional service in Lafayette, IN, and our convenience is always a top priority for us. When we save you time, you’re able to get your car back on the road in the condition you want just when you need it.

UV Protection

The main benefit of window tinting is UV protection. The interior of your vehicle takes a great deal of abuse due to the sun’s UV rays shining through, leaving your interior looking dull, damaged, and old. When you opt for UV protection in Lafayette, IN, you’re able to keep your vehicle in a condition you can be proud of.

Privacy & Security

Window tinting provides you the privacy and security you’ve always wanted while driving in Lafayette, IN. You can enjoy your rides to and from the office, or simply around the neighborhood, knowing that you’re in your own safe and private sanctuary.

Heat Rejection

For all vehicles, and particularly those with leather interiors in Lafayette, IN, getting into the car on a hot day can be more than unpleasant. Window tinting helps to keep your car cooler throughout those uncomfortable and sunny summer months.

Quality Products

We only use the highest quality products at Auto Glass Experts when it comes to your window tinting services. This allows us to provide you with services you can be proud of, and that you can put your trust in for many years to come.

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  • "They fixed a chip in my windshield and now I can't even tell where it was. Very high quality service."

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